How to prepare for Ramadan – Checklist

 Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem,

Ramadan is almost there Al-hamdoullilah so we ask Allah to make it till Ramadan. But next to making duaa to Allah we should also prepare our self to benefit fully of this wonderfull month.

So here is a little checklist for Ramadan, and if you have other tips please share it with your brothers and sisters.


Step 1: Make sincere intention to fast

Step 2: Ask allah, make duaa to live till the month Ramadan and benefit from it

Step 3: Vast some voluntary days before Ramadan

Step 4: Recite Quran regularly

If your Arabic is not right yet, try also to improve it by attending classes at your local mosque or just on the internet (, or even by your own. And In shaa Allah you will soon understand the word of Allah and benefit from it.

Step 5: Spend your time productively: Try not to go to facebook, twitter, TV ect.. during Ramadan

Try to do this also a few weeks before Ramadan, so it wont be too hard for you during Ramadan

Step 6: Get into the habit of reading! (Hadith, Islamic History, Articles, Fiqh..)


Asalam Aleikoum.


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